Facebook Toolbar Now Available For IE and Firefox in 16 Languages

If you are a Facebook addict and can’t imagine your life without it, Facebook toolbar is a must use tool. It can be used to quickly visit the common sections of your profile, share links, upload photos and much more.

To download Facebook Toolbar for Firefox and Internet explorer, go to the Facebook Toolbar page and hit the “Download Facebook Toolbar” button. Next, choose the version of your browser and restart it to activate.


Features of Facebook Toolbar

Multilingual support: Facebook Toolbar originally launched in English and was available for Firefox only. But now the toolbar works for Internet explorer too and supports 16 languages. The languages supported are Arabic, Chinese (simple and traditional), Danish, Dutch, German, Spanish (Spain and international), French, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Swedish and Turkish.

Easier login: Just click the login button placed at the right corner of the browser and the toolbar will log you in automatically. You need not type the username and password, everytime you want to login to your Facebook account.


The last status message is shown at the far right end, just next to the log out button. To post a new status message, simply type in the status message field and hit the return key.

Pop up notifications: As soon as you log in to your Facebook account, the toolbar shows pop up notifications at the bottom right corner of the screen.


You can click the links in the notification to see who posted a reply in your wall or whom did you befriended recently. In addition to that, you can view event notifications, group invitations, pokes and new friend requests from browser icon buttons.


Quick links: Clicking the “Quick Links” dropdown shows you common sections of your profile. Some of the important links include your profile, friend list, message inbox, account settings, photos, groups, videos etc.

Easier sharing and photo uploading:
Using the “Share” button you can quickly share a link, image or a video with your friends. The best addition is the photo uploader, which lets you add photos to existing albums or create a new album without having to open your Facebook profile.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Facebook Toolbar is a great browser enhancement and saves a lot of time. The only downside I found – you can not chat with your Facebook friends. Otherwise it’s a compact extension to carry on “Facebooking” all the time from the browser.

Techie Buzz rating: 3.5/5 (Very good).

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