Facebook Testing New Design for Timeline

Facebook unveiled the Timeline feature back in September last year, and ever since, I have heard nothing good about it. Although it’s been several months after the release of Timeline, many users continue to hate it and are still looking out for ways to disable or delete it. In the course of time, the Timeline put Facebook into a little trouble when a small venture capital-backed Chicago company Timelines.com, sued the social networking giant for trademark-infringement.

Despite all this, the social networking giant is making an attempt to redesign the highly controversial feature. According to Talking Points Memo, Facebook is testing a new design for the Timeline feature, in which the user’s information like name, occupation, education, and location are placed on top of the cover photo, while the carousel of thumbnail images which include, “Summary”, friends, photos, and others are placed right below the cover photo.

Here’s a screen shot of how the new Timeline feature looks like –

Facebook Timeline Redesign

The current Facebook Timeline design –

Facebook Timeline

Although the changes to the Timeline are subtle, it makes the profile layout more presentable. You can notice two new things – “Summary” and “Favorites.”

According to the site, clicking on the “Summary” tab will show a list of the major “Life Events” of the user.  The “Favorites” is perhaps the new name for “Likes”, which shows a list of items that the user has “liked”.

The new design and features are currently being tested out, and has been released only to a few number of users. However, it is still unclear whether the new design will be rolled out to all. If the test is successful and generates positive feedbacks from the test users, then it will be released for all users very soon.

Facebook had its IPO just a few days back with an initial price of $38, however, the stocks tumbled down unexpectedly and are currently trading at around $31 a share. A huge debate over the Internet included that the first of day of Facebook’s share will close anywhere between $45 and $50, however, that didn’t seem to happen.

If you are a current Facebook user who hates the Timeline feature right from the beginning, then let us know your views on the new design (redesign) by posting your comments below.

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