Facebook Starts Rolling Out Timeline for Pages on Mobile Devices

Nearly four months after the launch of Facebook Timeline for desktop, the social networking company has now started to roll out the Timeline layout for pages to its mobile version starting this week. Timeline for user profiles was rolled out on mobile at the same when it was launched on desktop, however, Timeline for pages took a little while to arrive.

By navigating to a Facebook page from your mobile phone, you will see the big cover photo, along with the page’s profile picture, some information from the About section, and a relatively long “like” button covering the entire width of the screen. Under it are tabs with which you can view photos, people you have liked the page, Events, and so on.

The previous layout for the mobile version was quite simple in which the profile picture of the page along with the number of likes, the category to which the page belonged to, and the basic information was listed out. Also, the three buttons — Wall, Info, Photos — were placed right above the profile picture.

Here’s how the new and the old profile layouts look:

New Facebook Timeline Layout vs. Old Layout

No doubt the new Timeline layout looks elegantly neat with all the sections organized in a proper way. If you click on the Facebook Timeline Stats“likes” stats button, you will see two big numbers placed aside each other, one being the “People Talking About This” and the other, “Total Likes.”

Below that, Facebook shows some statistics about the page,  which includes the “Most Popular Week” — the week when the most/maximum people were talking about that page, “Most Popular City” — the city where most people are talking about the page, and “Most Popular Age” — the largest age group of the people talking about the page.

When Facebook started to roll out the new layout for all users, not many liked it, as they found the Timeline to be confusing and cluttered. Many tried their luck to disable the Timeline feature, however, Facebook has left no option to roll back to the old profile layout.


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