Facebook Timeline Goes Live for Everyone; Get Facebook Timeline Now

Facebook Timeline Goes Live for Everyone; Get Facebook Timeline Now

The wait is finally over. After three months of long delay (and trademark issues), Facebook has finally rolled out its new profile to all users on its network.   Facebook announced this news in a blog post a few hours ago.

For those who are not aware of what “Timeline” is all about, then let me brief you a bit. Timeline is a new layout of Facebook profile, which allows you to tell your life story and shows a detailed overview of your life on Facebook. It also allows your friends to check out what you did (updated) at a particular point in time very quickly and easily. Basically, it creates a sequence of your time to time events that can be accessed later on.

Facebook Timeline

Facebook introduced the new profile design way back in September during its F8 conference. It comes with a new feature called Activity Log, which gives you full control of what appears in your Timeline. You can perform actions, like delete, hide, or update a status.

The new layout was scheduled to roll out to all users in September itself. However, due to trademark issues a case was filed against Facebook by a small Chicago based company, Timelines.com. Due to this, the social networking giant had to reschedule the launch date. Recently we reported that Facebook counter-sued Timelines.com stating that the word timelineis a commonly used word.

How to Activate Timeline on your Profile:

To activate (enable) Timeline, go to facebook.com/about/timeline  and click on “Get Timeline”. To find out more about the new Facebook Timeline, check our in-depth guide.

Facebook also notifies that when you upgrade to the new timeline, you will have a seven days review period. During this review period, your timeline will be visible only to you. You can make all necessary changes and modify things the way you want. At the end of the seventh day, the timeline will go live automatically and can be viewed by all your friends. However, if you wish to publish your timeline anytime during the review period, then you have the option to do so.

You can choose to see how your timeline appears to a specific friend or the public. To view how your timeline appears to other people, click on the gear menu on the top (next to activity log) and select “View As”.

Timeline will also be available on Android devices as well as the mobile version of Facebook m.facebook.com.

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