Facebook Threatens to Sue “Mark Zuckerberg”

Facebook has threatened to sue Mark Zuckerberg. Well, not the real Mark Zuckerberg who is the co-founder and CEO of Facebook. I’m actually talking about an Israeli entrepreneur named Rotem Guez who has legally changed his name to Mark Zuckerberg on December 7, 2011.

Earlier in January, Facebook shut down Guez’s Facebook account for violating Facebook’s TOS. Guez stated that Facebook was unwilling to return his Facebook profile for no apparent, legitimate reason.One of the main reasons why Facebook kicked him off the networkFacebook to Sue Mark Zuckerberg was because he offered service for selling “Likes” and creating fake accounts.

For this, Guez filed a case against Facebook after the networking giant refused to give him access to his profile. He co-founded the site “Like Store“, a social marketing company which mainly offers selling “Likes” to companies for their brand pages.

The site states – “Want to boost the traffic to your site? you’ve came to the right place! Join hundreds of satisfied Likestore customers and begin seeing results right away.”

It is known that Like Store not only offers “Likes”, but also Google +1’s, YouTube views, Site traffic, and Automatic SEO Programs.

On September 1, Facebook filed a lawsuit claiming the Guez and ‘Like Store’ violated Facebook’s TOS by selling advertisers ‘Fans’ for their ‘Fan Pages’, and stated that only Facebook can provide such a service. Facebook also demanded Guez to shut down his company and the services offered by it.

“The idea was, if only ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ is allowed to sell likes, then for that matter, I’m ‘Mark Zuckerberg,'” he said. The Israeli, however, acknowledged that his company violates Facebook’s terms of use, but said many U.S. companies offer similar services.

A Facebook Page created by Guez (Or probably a supporter of Guez) states the following – “This is the true story of Israeli entrepreneur Mr. Rotem Guez, Co-Founder of ‘Like Store’, an international social marketing company, who got a threat of a lawsuit from Facebook and changed his name to Mark Zuckerberg.” The Page is nearing 4,000 likes, but we’re unsure if Facebook would take it down.

Guez changed his name legally to “Mark Zuckerberg” on December 7. After changing his name, he told Facebook, “If you want to sue me, you’re going to have to sue Mark Zuckerberg.” In the video below, you can see his visit to the Interior Ministry to make the switch official; he says he plans to change his family’s names as well

A Facebook spokesman stated the following – “Protecting the people who use Facebook is a top priority and we will take action against those who violate our terms.”

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