Facebook Testing New Single-Column Timeline

Facebook seems to be testing a new single-column design for its Facebook Timeline, which makes users to easily navigate through their profile page and also enable them to organize personal messages. The new Timeline has only a single column for posts and status updates. The section headers have also been redesigned by removing the image boxes that we see in the current Timeline design.

Facebook had earlier confirmed the test to popular Facebook dedicated site AllFacebook:

This is a new design Facebook is testing with a small percentage of people to make navigating timeline even easier.

Owen Williams, a contributor to The Next Web from New Zealand, shared his screen captures of the single-column layout, while the social network told TNW, it had “no other details to share right now.”

It is stated that the new Timeline design has limited the right-hand column to friends, recent activity, and other non-messaging updates. Highlighted posts, including life events, will no longer be stretched across the page.

When Facebook introduced the Timeline layout last year, in the beginning, users pretty much hated it and were looking for ways to switch back to the old profile. However, after a few months of its launch, Facebook made the Timeline a default layout and users had no other option but to get used to it.

The new single-column Timeline layout looks clean and easier to navigate. Here are some of the screen shots posted by TNW:

New Facebook Single-Column Timeline

New Facebook Single-Column Timeline - Tabs

Current Timeline vs. Single-Column
Current Timeline vs. Single-Columnt

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