Facebook Testing New Navigation Bar Layout

We have always seen Facebook testing out new features and design changes, and eventually implementing them on the site to make it default across the network regardless of whether users like it or not. Recently, a new change in the Facebook navigation bar (the top blue bar) was noticed by Art Director, Jeremy Carson, with the search box pushed close to the Facebook logo, and the icons for messages, notifications and friend request were pushed to the right-hand side, next to the profile image.

Earlier today, Inside Facebook posted the following screenshot of the top navigation bar shared by Jeremy:

Facebook Testing a Navigation Bar Layout

You also notice that the current “Home” button on the right-side has been removed, which means that users have only one way to go back to the homepage and that is by clicking on the Facebook logo on the left.

Current navigation bar:

Facebook Testing a Navigation Bar Layout

TechCrunch suggests that “Facebook wants to put more focus on the right-hand side of the site, which is the place that houses birthdays, engagement or marriage updates, gifts, and of course, advertising”

Many users have already found the new navigation bar very similar to that of Google Plus navigation bar, with notification and profile option positioned on the right-hand side.

Recently, Facebook announced “Sponsored Results” search ads, and also increased the size of the search bar with an introduced to “top hit” result in the typeahead in August. Back in July, Facebook was testing the “search the Web” feature, but released it as “Search for people, places, and things,” to the search box in June.

A Facebook spokesperson has confirmed the tests to The Next Web stating, “This is just a test, we have nothing more to share at this time.”

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