Facebook Testing New Compose Button on Navigation Bar

The social networking giant Facebook continues to experiment and add new features to the site. It appears that the company is testing a new compose button next to the user’s profile picture and name on the blue navigation bar on the top.

The new button enables users to post an update directly to their Timeline irrespective of what page they’re on. It is just similar to the notification buttons that remain intact throughout the site. Upon clicking the button, a prompt window opens up, which is similar to the one currently being used for posting a Facebook status. A screenshot of the same is shown below:

Facebook Compose Button

With the status update button that is being tested, users can post updates even when visiting another profile or Facebook Page, which is generally only allowed from the homepage or your own profile.

The button was first noticed by Mashable reporter Alex Fitzpatrick. He says that “the new feature was spotted on a page that has yet to be switched to the new Facebook news feed or be given access to Graph Search, its smarter search engine. We haven’t seen any other pages with the feature just yet.”

The button may also come to Pages giving managers the ability to update their Timelines regardless of where they are on the site. Additionally, if this becomes a permanent fixture, Facebook for Android and iOS apps might be updated with the same.

The button looks very similar to the button provided by Twitter on its top bar. The new button on Facebook could be an inspiration from Twitter’s button, and Facebook might have realized the importance of having a “compose” button on the top blue bar.

It isn’t surprising that Facebook was inspired from Twitter’s button because quite recently, Facebook renamed “subscribers” to “followers” on user profiles after it changed the name of its “Subscribe” button to “Follow.” This change, however, came after Facebook built their own button similar to Twitter’s Follow button.

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