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Facebook is trying its best to improve security on its site. We have already seen the announcement of the all new Antivirus Marketplace, featuring the world’s best antivirus software products. In addition to that, the social networking company has decided to be a little transparent with its users. The company made an announcement today stating the launch of “Support Dashboard,” allowing users to track the progress of filed reports.

Back in March 2011, Facebook introduced the social reporting feature, which allows users to report a problem to Facebook and also engage a member of their community to help resolve the conflict. However, until today, we didn’t know what exactly happens after we have submitted a report – whether it has been reviewed, or simply ignored. This is where Support Dashboard comes into picture.

Support Dashboard is yet another portal that is basically designed to track the status and progress of the reports that you have filed. With this new feature, you can know whether Facebook employees have reviewed your report, which Facebook claims that they evaluate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in dozens of languages.

Facebook Support Dashboard

For instance, if you think that someone has uploaded a photo that violates Facebook’s community standards, then you have an option to report it to Facebook. Once done, you can switch over to Support Dashboard to check if the report has been taken into consideration or not. You will be notified once your report has been reviewed by the Facebook’s User Operations team, and also check for additional details in your account settings.

However, if there are no actions taken by Facebook, then it encourages users who feel uncomfortable of any content posted by their friends, to address them directly via Facebook Messages, or have them blocked.

“Because Facebook is a diverse community, it’s possible that things people post can be disagreeable or disturbing without meeting the criteria for being removed. If the content is not removed, the reporter also has the option to message, unfriend or block the person who posted the content. “

At this initial stage of Support Dashboard, the feature will include reports of photos and timelines only. However, the company has planned to incorporate more types of content in the future. The new feature has been enabled to most users. Wait for a day or two, if you don’t see the Support Dashboard option in your Account Settings yet.

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