Facebook Launches “Facebook Stories” – What’s Your Story?

There’s no doubt that Facebook has become a part of our lives today. We open our browsers, and one of the first things that we do apart from checking emails is login to Facebook to see what’s happening around your network of friends. Most of your experiences in life are shared on Facebook, and to make this experience of sharing your stories even better, Facebook is launching the site — FacebookStoreis.com — that aims at collecting stories from around the globe, with featuring different themes every month.

The new feature from Facebook is designed and created “to celebrate the different stories that are coming out of Facebook” users. In other words, the new Facebook Stores talks all about an individual and the experiences that one would like to share with their friends, relatives, and other users on the Internet.

Facebook spokesperson, Tucker Bounds, told ABC News that “the project started as a result of our seeing a number of stories coming into the company from different channels, including stories we would read about in the media. We wanted to create a place where we could celebrate great stories.”

How does Facebook Stories work?

According to Facebook, the new Facebook Stories will be updated monthly, featuring a story based on a theme, and an infographic.

For instance, if you visit the Facebook Stories site, you will see a video with the title “Remembering.” The story is about Mayank Sharma of New Delhi, India, who lost his memory due to tubercular meningitis. He shares his experience on how he used Facebook and how the social networking tool helped him rebuild his memory about the most important people in his life, his family, and friends.

However, not every story submitted by users will be featured. Facebook will pick only those stories that it finds interesting enough to feature it on the homepage. And after the end of that month, Facebook will post an infographic based on the theme of the previous story shared. For the launch, Facebook has shared the “Biggest Life Moments from Timelines” infographic, which shows the percentage of people who have travelled, moved, got married, and so on.

Back in 2010, Facebook had launched a similar Facebook application that asked users to share their stories with the other app users. However, the application is no more in function, and visiting it would give you the “Not Found” message. Basically, the new Facebook Stories is also a Facebook application.

To add your stories, click on the “Add Your Story” button, which will take you to the app permissions page. Once you’ve granted the permissions, you can write a brief description about your story, upload a video/photo, and submit it to Facebook. Facebook says that that the new Facebook Stories is “a separate effort from a different team.”

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