Facebook Adds Scribd For Personalized Reading Recommendations

Facebook is slowly encouraging instant personalization by teaming up with partner sites, some of the popular services are Pandora, Docs.com and the latest one to join hands is Scribd.

If you are unaware of Instant personalization, it’s   a new feature which lets a user easily bring the interest of their Facebook friends, when they are interacting with a partner site.

Say you have just uploaded a document at Docs.com and want to know which of your friends are very active on the same site. Instant Personalization will let you see the interest of your friends on Docs.com, which features do your friends use, what they are “Liking” and so on.

The good news is that Scribd – a social reading and publishing site has recently been added as one of the partner sites. Now it is really easy to find what your Facebook friends are reading or sharing over at Scribd.

It works like this – when you visit Scribd.com while logged into Facebook, you will see personalized reading recommendations. The recommendations will be based on what your friends are sharing over at Scribd and what type of content you “Like” on Facebook. When you find something very interesting, you can hit the “Share” button next to an item and it will be posted on your Facebook profile.

Here is how an example update may look like:

The following presentation briefly outlines what the Scribd Readcast is all about:

Can I Control Instant Personalization and What Information Is Shared?

Of course, you can certainly control what information is available to the partner websites from the “privacy settings”. If you want to turn off Instant personalization, go to   Account > privacy Settings > Instant Personalization and click the “Edit Settings” button , as shown below:

source: Facebook blog

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