Warning: Cashreport.org Scam Hitting Facebook

Quite recently one of my friends wrote a weird message on my wall. It said that he had made some dollars in a day and got paid thanks to a site called cashreport.org.

Facebook Cashreport Scam Message

Facebook Cashreport Scam Message 2

Now that in itself is not fishy, but the same friend also wrote on several other people’s wall citing different amounts of money he made all credited to the website cashreport.org. The screenshots above are from two different profiles.

Facebook Cashreport Scam

When I went out and checked my friends profile, he was busy writing the same thing on several other people’s wall as you can see in the screenshot above. Though I am not sure how exactly this message was sent out or what my friend did prior to sending out those messages, I am pretty sure that this is a spam message that might be spreading over Facebook.

I have sent out a note to my friend to ask him whether he visited any website or granted access to any app earlier today. However, keep away from this site, though it is not flagged as dangerous there are few users who have marked it as a scam or phishing on McAffe. The whois record for this site also says that it was registered on June 12, 2010 which is why there are very scarce reports about it.

Please be aware of what link you are clicking or what application you are allowing access to your data on Facebook. Do spread this message to your friends to keep away from this site.

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  • D4vid


    I had the same problem yesterday :( . I sent that message to all my contacts and I don't know what caused this.

    I suppose that was an app. As my fb account is recent (I created this same week), I had used only a few apps & games (only 4 or 5).

    They were 'League of heroes', 'BrainBuddies', 'developer' (but I doubt this was problematic) and one or two more that I didn't remember because I delete after trying them (single apps like tests).

    All my contacts had used these same apps, except 'League of heroes' and they haven't sent that message to none. By this reason, I'm supicious about 'LoH' now, but not sure…

    I'll research a little more to see If I can discover what sent that messages (althought I doubt I can find something… :( ). If I'd discover something, or one of my contacts begin to have the same problem, I'll advice (and I promise be more careful in the future :) ).


  • aldo

    do you know how to remove that from the computer? cashreport.org stupid messages

  • It has nothing to do with an app. Merely commenting on the post itself basically makes you 'hacked'. I saw that someone else had posted that on one of my friend's pages. My friend believed it and commented on the post; at which time I commented on the post to tell him, "Hey, this is SPAM, don't believe it." And not a minute later my account had sent out over 200 of the SPAM messages. DELETE the message immediately!

    • D4vid

      Uhm, I'm still believing is something more…
      I'm really sure that I haven't commented any post of these kind… Like I said my account were created on last week, I have never seen them (and the first thing I did, it was to limit privacy options)… And none of my contacts had sent any message before…
      And when my account sent them, then one of my contacts reply the message to advice me, and he hasn't sent any message after that…