Facebook Removes Suggest Fan Page To Friends Feature

You might see a considerable drop in the number of fan page requests from Facebook friends, the next time you login to your Facebook account. It turns out, Facebook has recently removed the “Fan page suggestion” feature for all members of any fan page.

If you are the administrator of a Facebook Fan page, you can still see the “Suggest page to friends” link; while normal members can’t. It’s gone!

Sadly this shouldn’t stop those, who  befriend  random strangers on Facebook just for the sake of suggesting their website’s official fan page to their entire friend list. Page admins can still suggest their fan page to all friends, which should have been removed too.

However, this should put an end to the cross fan page promotions, which is sometimes very spammy in nature. Mike suggests John’s fan page to his friends, John suggest Mike’s and eventually a large group of page admins join hands to spam their friend list with unnecessary fan page promotion.

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For non bloggers and Facebook addicts, this is a huge loss. You have to manually email the link of the fan page to friends or post it on your Facebook wall.

Note: Removal of the “Suggest” button from fan pages can also be a part of bug fixing, as detailed in this post

What about you? Can you still suggest any fan page to your Facebook friends using the “Suggest” button? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

20 thoughts on “Facebook Removes Suggest Fan Page To Friends Feature”

  1. Can you still suggest any fan page to your Facebook friends using the “Suggest” button? Nope, I can’t. And I’ve also noticed that if people comment on a facebook fanpage, someone else may not see the comment unless they are friends with that person.

  2. I disagree that FB removed “Suggest Fan Page To Friends” feature for members!

    I want to promote FB pages which I created (I have multi FB accounts) to my friends on FB. Any suggestions?

  3. Facebook seems to be taking away the great user experience and exchanging it with forceful marketing like their new ad strategy (Whenever people mention a brand like starbucks, it will bring it up as an ad) – These sudden changes are happening just because Marks page got hacked, its all hasty decision making that will hinder the user experience.

  4. Not true! What they’ve done is removed the “suggest to friends” feature and wall tabs for Community pages and Place pages. If you merge your fan page with a community/place page, the wall tab and ‘suggest to friends’ features are removed from your fan page. Un-Merge your fan page and these features magically re-appear.

  5. Actually it gets worse. Even if you are an admin, your use of the ‘suggest friend’ feature does not generate messages to the recipients as was in the past. Instead Facebook generates an ad on the right hand column of their page (which people have long learnt to ignore). I ‘suggested’ my page to up to 200 friends and after 12 hours not one ‘like’ had been gotten from them.

    I think the aim is to get you to pay them for ads. I can’t blame them for wanting more money though.

  6. I am the administrator of my fan page and I can’t find the “suggest to friends” button anywhere. Does anyone else has this problem, if not, can you please tell me where is it? Thank you.

  7. I am the admin, I see the button, it starts to load and then gives up and says something has gone wrong I have a lot of friends and I can’t write 5000 emails come on Facebook what’s going on!!!!!!

  8. I was never a spammy suggester, but I now hate that this option is gone because I feel spammy by linking to a friends photography page on my other friend’s walls when I know they are getting married etc. It’s much more discreet to be able to send a suggestion to them.

  9. I am the administrator of my fan page and I can’t find the “suggest to friends” button anywhere. <— same problem with me :(

  10. Facebook completely removed it, even admins cannot use it, suggest friends is gone forever. Greedy Facebook, shame on them.

    1. Yes, I think I saw the “suggest to friends” link one time a couple of days ago, it mysteriously appeared and I invited ALL my friends. I wondered why only a couple responded but now I see it is because FB only puts the page in the friends columns on the right. And now that is gone?? And they want me to pay for marketing??? Looks like I am going back to developing my web site. Screw FB.

  11. I am the admin, I see the button, it starts to load and then want bring up no friends like something is wrong with it. I can’t suggest no one anymore. But if you go to my regular page and click on suggest to friends it will work just fine. How can you fix this problem?

    thanx steve.

  12. Yep can see as an an admin Invite friends to my page. Remember when you could get a thousand friends in an afternoon to a Facebook group by using two or three friends with a few thousand friends It’s not like it used to be!

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