Facebook Promoted Posts Rolling Out for Personal User Accounts

Facebook is serious about solving its monetization problems, and it has recently launched a monetization-focused feature. This latest feature is being rolled out slowly across user accounts, though we have seen it earlier on brand pages as promoted posts. It is the “Promote” link-button, and the call for action on the promote button says, “tell friends this post is important”. The behavior of these promoted posts is similar to that of promoted posts from brand pages. They simply appear higher on your timeline, and this feature clearly gives you more control over the placement of content on your personal profile page. However, Facebook is taking a huge risk here, as it is the first time that the user has to pay for a feature on Facebook.


According to Inside Facebook, the feature was first spotted back in May, when it was dubbed as “Highlight”. Inside Facebook confirms the feature, saying,

People who have chosen to enable subscribers might be interested in the feature since they have a wider audience than most users. There may be other cases when a user would be willing to pay a few dollars to make sure that friends see a post, for example, a birth announcement, a post about looking for a roommate or a link for fundraising.


Promoting posts is a common feature across major players in this niche like Twitter, Foursquare and now Facebook. The behavior of the promotion is same across all these three as well; it simply pushes the promoted content higher up in your timeline of events or posts. However, this is the first time that promotion is being made available for personal user accounts. With its massive user base, Facebook will surely see good conversions from this monetization scheme.

To understand the feature better, you can always go ahead and read the “Promote” page.

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