Who Checked Your Facebook Profile Scam Underway

Ok, I am not tired of unearthing these scams, including some Pedophile scams unearthed by Clif, but they just don’t go away. A new Facebook scam is now underway, where users are enticed to use a feature to find out who visited their profiles, anyone?

Facebook Profile Visit Scam

As enticing as this feature sounds, it is practically impossible to know such kind of information using apps thanks to the restrictions Facebook has put in. So first of all such apps are a farce, and secondly, they are only interested in luring people into clicking on the link you share and then fooling you into sharing it with your friends too.

These kinds of attacks have been very popular on Facebook to spread links that do nothing. Of course most of these scams do little damage, but it spreads virally thanks to the number of users who use Facebook. The newest scam has a link with the text “Check Who Viewed YoUr Fbook Profile – An Easy App to Check Who Viewed YoUr FaceBook Profile. It Really Words So don’t Wait Check Out Now!”

Facebook Profile Scam

For the record, the screenshot above is filled with references to I am malware site.

Once again, a simple advice to people who use Facebook. Everything that glitters is not gold, likewise, everything with a link and enticing text on Facebook is not real, so stay away from clicking it.

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