Facebook Reveals Most Shared Articles in 2011

December is customarily the month when everyone loves to look back and reminisce. However, Facebook has already decided that it has seen enough, and has published its list of most shared articles in the US for the current year. The list is an interesting collection that includes viral videos and memes as well as the big events of the year like the earthquake in Japan and Steve Jobs’ passing away. The most shared article was a NYTimes report depicting the widespread devastation caused by the earthquake in Japan, while the runner up was about teachers taking issue with parents.


Although the articles that managed to find their way onto the list are diverse, their sources aren’t. All of the top forty articles are contributed by only six news organizations. Yahoo is the top contributor with 12 entries. CNN had 10 entries, while The New York Times and The Huffington Post had 7 articles each. Interestingly, traditional media dominated heavily on Facebook with Huffington Post being the only true new-age digital media organization among the top contributors.

Expectedly, the list had a lot of viral entries including the father daughter dance medley, talking twin babies, baby laughing at ripping paper, and the homeless man with a golden voice. Check out these viral sensations, if you missed them the first time around.

Curious pieces of news and trivia such as, things babies born in 2011 will never know, the most typical face on the planet, and man robbing a bank to get medical care in jail, were perennial favorites, as were parenting related articles. Head over to the Facebook Media blog to view the full list.

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