Facebook Testing Pinterest-like Layout for App Contents

If we are go by some of the recent reports, Pinterest-like layout are coming to Facebook. According the social media blog InsideFacebook, Facebook seems to be testing a new layout for its Open Graph app stories, which appears to look like Pinterest’s layout, with boxes featuring a picture for each item that the user has “liked,” or commented, using Facebook apps.

Content generated by apps will be more noticeable than before, with the help of the new layout. It gives users the ability to comment, or “like” app contents right from their News Feed. Often apps are considered to generate spam updates. However, with the new layout, Facebook is looking forward to change the thinking of users, and eventually help build conversations on app contents.

Like the current methodology, clicking on a photo will take the user to the third-party app page or website, with specific details about the photo. For instance, when a user clicks on a photo that is updated by the Foodspotting app, he will be taken to the Foodspotting website where details on that particular dish can be checked,, including the restaurant address, map location, and the number of people who have “loved” it.

Facebook Testing Pinterest-like Layout

According to InsideFacebook, when users hovers the cursor over a photo in the new layout, a small window opens up, with an option to comment on the item. Also on hover, users can take in-app actions without leaving Facebook if the app has created custom action links.

Currently, the layout is in its testing phase and is available only to a few Facebook users. We’re not sure if this layout is here to stay permanently. Also, the layout appears to be only tested on those application that are heavily based on photos.

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