Facebook Testing New Notification Feature for Photo “Likes,” Comments [Updated]

The social networking giant Facebook seems to be testing out a new photo notification feature on its site, with a small thumbnail image appearing on the right side of the notification box, whenever a user “likes” a photo.

The new feature will give users an preview of what the user has actually “liked” instead of click-opening the photo as a whole in the Facebook photo viewer.

The feature was shared by Facebook user Akash Jain, and has managed to share a screen shot on his Timeline:

Facebook Photo Thumbnail Notification

From the looks of it, Facebook seems to be providing users a thumbnail preview of what photo the user/s has/have “liked,” and the notification appears in the notification box on top.

Recently, Facebook announced a new look and feel for its photo layout, with a change that gives users a new photo viewing experience, and making photos appear larger and easier to interact with.


Looks like Facebook has started to release this new photo “like” notification feature to an increasing number of users. This morning, I started seeing the new feature on my notification list, and a few other friends in my list also confirmed that they’re seeing this new feature:

Facebook Photo "Like" Notification

The feature not only shows a small thumbnail image preview for photo “likes,” but also for new comments that have been added on a photo. The thumbnail preview of the photo is shown within the notification box itself. This is a very useful feature that Facebook is implementing.


2 thoughts on “Facebook Testing New Notification Feature for Photo “Likes,” Comments [Updated]”

  1. I used to find this feature very useful on my brand page (as a photographer I could see which images are popular). The thumbnails have disappeared from my notifications panel and replaced with a Posts panel. Going to the notifications page just listed the events with no thumbnail.
    Does anyone know how to reinstate the thumbnail notifications on my page?

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