Facebook Announces Deeper Integration With INQ and HTC Phones

Remember the rumors of the Facebook phone? Well though those did really materialize, and has been working with mobile software developers and now mobile manufactures to deeply integrate the Facebook experience in devices.

Facebook INQ Cloud Touch

In a blog post today, Facebook said that they would be collaborating with INQ and HTC to bring deeper Facebook integration into their upcoming phones. Users will see better Facebook integration in the upcoming Cloud Touch and Cloud Q phones from INQ and the HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa phones from HTC.

HTC ChaCha & HTC Salsa Facebook

All the above phones will either have a dedicated button for Facebook or will provide a one-touch access to Facebook through their interface.  This would also mean that users will have access to their Facebook contacts as a part of their phone and will have a better Facebook experience overall.

Facebook is also working with other phone manufactures and devices to integrate Facebook as a part of the phone interface or with the Facebook branding itself.

With almost 600 million users, these Facebook phones will definitely fly off the shelves and give Facebook a much tighter control over the mobile market.

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