Get Old Layout For Facebook

The new layout released by definitely has very few lovers, and people are looking for ways to change back to the old layout, however Facebook does not officially allow users to switch back to the old design yet.

Original Facebook Layout



However there is a way in which you can go back to a older layout in Facebook, however this option is only available for with the add-on installed.

The Unfuck Facebook Greasemonkey userscript, will bring back the old two pane layout to Facebook, the script has been recently updated to incorporate the latest changes made by Facebook.

Once you have installed the script, refresh Facebook to see the changes, definitely useful for people who voted nay for the new Facebook design.

You will need to install Greasemonkey add-on before you can run this script.

6 thoughts on “Get Old Layout For Facebook”

  1. Facebook Timeline is not allowing to edit too Many things on our profile so planning to get away from facebook till I get an email from facebook that they have returned with the old look of facebook.

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