Facebook Now Supports High Resolution Photos and Can Be Viewed Fullscreen

Facebook just got better! The social networking giant has just announced that the site will now allow users to upload high resolution photos and eventually enable full-viewing (full resolution) of images. Photos on Facebook will now be crisp, sharp and of high quality with up to 4x larger than before. This is perhaps the best and one of the greatest photo update that Facebook has ever rolled out.

Facebook made this happy announcement on their blog today and stated that users can now expand the photo viewer to take up thier entire computer screen. However, this feature is currently available on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Facebook High-res Photo Viewer

Facebook hasn’t revealed as to why this feature is supported by only the two browsers. However, we assume that Facebook is still testing this new photo feature and may eventually start supporting on other browsers as well.

To use the new photo feature, users can click the double headed arrow placed at the top-right corner of a photo to expand it.

Facebook View Large Photos

Technical Information About the Update

There is a motive behind this update. The Internet standard color profile is called “sRGB.” Most of sites, including Facebook, support this sRGB format. Since not every browser recognizes images as sRGB, site developers ought to redefine every single image as sRGB. Although Facebook’s photo feature system is capable of defining sRGB in every image, the problem occurred as the sRGB definition was very big, which eventually caused the loading of pages to slow down by 30 percent.

Facebook Engineers identified the problem and stated that it was caused due to the repeated details of the definition and also the “tone response curve” (2060 bytes), which added to a total of 3KB. Once they figured out on how to cut down the numbers, the sRGB definition became quite manageable, as Ryan Mack explains in detail.

There are over 250 million photos uploaded to Facebook every day. Many amateur and semi-professional photographers have started to upload their creativity on Facebook. No doubt that Facebook has already become a popular photo-sharing site, however, with this new photo feature, the social networking giant has put forth a new challenge for Flickr and other popular photo-sharing sites. It will also be interesting to see how corporate and business pages on Facebook will make use of this new feature.

When Facebook rolled out its new photo viewer, everyone complained that it was a copy of the Google Plus photo viewer. No doubt about that, but Facebook has taken a step ahead by updating its photo feature by enabling users to view larger versions of photos. My guess is that this update will eventually be carried out by Google Plus in the near future.

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