Facebook’s New Feature Notifies You About Engagements and Weddings

Thanks to Facebook, I never miss wishing any of my close friends on their birthdays. At least that saves me from being cursed for not wishing that person on his/her birthday. With the popularity of birthday reminders, Facebook is now adding up a similar notification feature for engagements and weddings, which will notify you when your friends are getting married or engaged, so that you don’t miss congratulating the couple, or scare them about marriage life :P

Facebook has already started to roll out the new “Wedding and Celebrations” feature, which automatically notifies you based on the change in the relationship status to “engaged” or “married.” The notification will be showed on the top-right corner above the sponsored ads.

Facebook Wedding Engagements Updates

A Facebook spokesperson said that the new feature is all about sharing the important events in your life with friends:

Facebook has become a unique way people share and congratulate friends around exciting life events such as engagements and weddings or the arrival of a child. To make it easier to keep up with these momentous occasions and to ensure you can share in your friends’ joy, we are rolling out a “Weddings and Celebrations” feature. Beginning today, special events starting with engagements and weddings will be displayed along with friends’ birthdays when you log into Facebook.

When a new notification arrives, users can simply click on it and congratulate the couple without having to switch between profiles, just like the way you post a birthday wish. In addition to this, you can even send a friend request to the person your friend is getting engaged or married with.

Interestingly a lot of Facebook employees are getting married, which includes the CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself, and Facebook co-founder Chris Huges wedding his boyfriend. It is also interesting to see how Facebook is focusing more on important life events. In the recent past, Facebook announced the organ donor feature that provides an ability to add your organ donor status on your Timeline, which in return may inspire others to sign up as donors as well.

Facebook has also revamped the Events feature with the new calendar and list view that highlights a list of current and upcoming events. However, the engagement and marriage events won’t be listed or added to the calendar view.

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