Facebook Rolls Out New Comment Features – Embed Videos, Images and Other Media Content
By on July 21st, 2011

Facebook has just launched a new feature that allow users to embed videos, pictures and other external content in comments by just including a URL.

Today we are launching a commenting feature that allows you to embed videos, photos, or web sites in comments just by including a URL. Your comment will include a video player, a thumbnail of a photo, or a brief overview of the web site being linked to. If you prefer your comment without the preview, you can remove the preview with one click.

When you copy-paste the URL of a video, image or any other external web content, Facebook will automatically retrieve the content in comments. Users, who are interacting within a thread, do not have to leave the page or open a new tab in order to view a video or an image.

New Facebook Comment Features - Embed Videos and Images

Here is a video that demonstrates how embedded media content are shown within Facebook comments -

If you do not like the new feature or find your comment threads too long, you always have an option to remove the preview. You can do this by clicking on “Remove Preview” at the bottom of your comment.

Of late, we have seen Facebook experimenting with many features. A few weeks ago, Facebook launched group chat and video calling feature. The video calling feature, powered by Skype, lets you have a 1-on-1 video chat with your friends and family members. We have also reported that Facebook is testing a new music service called Facebook Vibes, which could be announced in the near future. Facebook has also updated its user interface by bringing up the chat box and real time updates on the right-hand side of the page.

Learn how to Group (Video) Chat on Facebook

Facebook seems to be a bit worried after the launch of Google’s social network, Google+. It is trying to accommodate new features into the site, making the site more user friendly. The new comment feature is certainly a plus point and we can expect more features to follow in coming days.

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