Facebook Launches Verified Accounts

Following the lead of Twitter and Google+, Facebook too will begin verifying accounts of celebrities and other public figures. After the account has been verified, Facebook will enable these users to have pseudonyms or use an “alternative name” or nicknames as their Facebook name, and will appear in lists of “People to Subscribe To.”

According to Facebook’s “real name policy”, users have to use their real birth names only. However, with the new verification system, verified users can use nickname while displaying their real names in the “About” section of their Facebook profile.

Facebook will begin the verification process very soon, reports Josh Constine of Tech Crunch. The verification process will start with users who have many subscribers. If you have a good number of subscribers, then you should be seeing a prompt message on your profile asking you to verify the account.

Facebook Verify Account

In order to verify a user profile, the user must upload a scanned form of photo identification and require either one government issued photo ID (driving license, passport, or similar) or two other forms of photo ID (work or school ID). Once the verification process is complete, Facebook will permanently delete the file and the scanned photos.

However, after a profile has been verified, Facebook will not provide a badge indicating that the account has been verified, unlike Twitter and Google+.

Verify Facebook Account

Verified accounts will start appearing on the “People to Subscribe To” list. Facebook announced Subscription in September, 2011, with an option feature that allows users to control what type of stories you can read from your friends and non-friends in your News Feed. In a way, Subscriptions help users to keep a track and stay up to date with people they’re not friends with.

As a matter of fact, verification of profiles is quite necessary, since an increasing number of scammers on Facebook are taking advantage of the popularity of celebrities by creating fake accounts. Currently, other users will have to wait a little longer to verify their accounts, since Facebook plans to verify accounts of celebrities and public figures first.

Twitter being so popular among celebrities, will verified accounts help Facebook get celebrities to use the social networking giant? I really don’t think so. It might end up something like Google+ where celebrities have a verified account, but hardly update anything.

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