Facebook Launches Safety Center For Teens, Parents, Educators and Law Enforcers

Facebook has launched a safety center as part of creating more awareness among it’s users on social security. The safety center has some good tips for teenagers, kids, parents, law enforcers and educators. The purpose of the “Safety Center” section is to educate the users on their profile security, responding to objectionable content and teach the kids to use Facebook in a safer way.

Basically, it’s a “Question Answer board” where users can find answers to common privacy issues and tweaking their profile or application settings. This is how the safety center looks:


Important Facebook Privacy Issues

Profile Personification: This is one of the most common “unfair use” of Facebook. If someone is pretending to be “You” on Facebook and trying to personify your profile, head over to this page at the Facebook Safety center and you will see the step by step procedure to take action.

Photos: Suppose someone posted or tagged you in a photo but you don’t like the image and want to remove it from Facebook. The person who tagged you never responds to your request to remove a particular image from his/her profile. In such situations, here is the help page to get started.


Inappropriate Content: Suppose an unknown friend starts posting objectionable photos or started an abusive group about you or your organization. The first step to be done is to delete the person from your friend list. However, to ensure that the profile is completely removed and the group is shut down, head over to this page and take the required actions as described.

The safety center acts as a knowledge base on the serious security and privacy issues of Facebook users. Sure, it’s a positive step taken to encourage and respect personal privacy of users and looks like Facebook wants no stone unturned to deliver maximum user satisfaction.

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