Facebook’s "Instant Personalization" Automatically Shares Your Data With Other Websites Without Your Consent

Oh my dear , why do though take decisions for me? You make HTTPS opt-in, but want me to opt-out when it comes to sharing my data with third party websites, and you say that you adhere to privacy standards?

Disable Facebook Instant Personalization

If you have had issues with Facebook’s privacy settings, here is something which will irk you even more. Facebook has a new privacy setting in place called "Instant Personalization" which basically gives your data to other websites without your consent. When I say without your consent, it means that you have to opt-out of this feature to stop sharing your data with other websites.

I find this really ridiculous because on one hand Facebook makes security features opt-in and on the other hand they feel that it is fine to share your personal data with other websites without your explicit consent.

If you don’t want to share your data with third-party websites, go to Account -> Privacy Settings and click on "Edit your settings" under the "Apps and Websites" item at the bottom left of the screen. On this page, click the "Edit Settings" button next to the item "Instant personalization" and uncheck the checkbox next to "Enable instant personalization on partner websites."

The feature was launched last year in April, but is now being gradually pushed out to all users. This is the first time I saw this option in my privacy settings and I was surprised that it is enabled by default. You can learn more about how your data is shared and whether you really want this feature to be enabled by default at http://www.facebook.com/instantpersonalization/.

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