Facebook Setting Up New Offices In Hyderabad, India and Austin, Texas

has rapidly grown to become the biggest social networking sites in the world and now have over 400 million users across the world. They are opening up new offices in Hyderabad, India and Austin, Texas.


In a new blog post on the official Facebook blog, they have revealed that Facebook now have more than 400 million users, 70% of which are outside of the United States.

To sustain the growth and provide better support to users, Facebook is opening new offices in Hyderabad, India and Austin, Texas. These offices will add to the current offices Facebook have in Palo Alto, Calif, San Francisco and Dublin, Ireland.

Indians are rapidly becoming a huge user base for Facebook, with more than 8 million users using the site everyday. The Indian office move is a good start for Facebook to provide more support for people from Asia. However, , a social networking site by Google are still the market leaders in India.

Speaking in Hyderabad, where recruitment for a Director of Operations and other key positions has already begun, Don Faul, Director of Global Online Operations for Facebook, said: 

People in India and around the world are using Facebook to do everything from voicing their opinions on national issues, to connecting with fellow cricket and hockey fans, to sharing photos with their friends and family.  We expect our new office in Hyderabad to tap into the region’s strong pool of talented people who understand operations and technology, and help us more effectively serve the needs of our users, advertisers, and developers around the world.

Facebook is also hiring people for these new locations and other locations, you can apply for a job by visiting http://www.facebook.com/careers

3 thoughts on “Facebook Setting Up New Offices In Hyderabad, India and Austin, Texas”

  1. I saw this headline and was intrigued to come and see if facebook is looking at taking on Orkut, and it seems like it too! How successful they'll be has to remain to be seen, but for the first time they actually have a fight on their hands. Competition strengthens the breed, so I am interested to see where this goes.

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