Facebook Hits 1 Trillion Page Views in Just One Month

After attaining a solid user base of over 750 million users, the social media giant Facebook, has crossed one trillion page views in just one month, making it the first website to cross the milestone.

Google’s ad network DoubleClick, which was acquired for $3.1 billion, reveals the top 1000 most-visited sites on the web. Facebook topping the list has got 870,000,000 unique visitors (users), 46.9% reach and a whopping 1 trillion page views in June 2011. It’s a milestone achieved for Facebook!Facebook Hits 1 Trillion Page Views

The other interesting part of the stats is the 870 million unique visitors. You might wonder that Facebook now has 870 million users. That’s not true. Amit Agarwal from Digital Inspirations explains that the number comes from certain site sections like Facebook Pages and Profiles which are open to non-users as well as registered members.

Further digging into the data reveals that users spend over 700 billion minutes per month on the social network and, on an average, each user generates 1,150 page views, sharing more than 30 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) every month.

YouTube ranks second (in terms of unique visitors) with 790,000,000, quite close to Facebook, but far behind with 100 billion page views, or about 10 percent of what Facebook gets. However, Google states that the list excludes adult sites, ad networks, domains that don’t have publicly visible content or don’t load properly, and certain Google sites.

The top 10 most-visited websites –

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. Yahoo
  4. Live.com
  5. Wikipedia
  6. MSN
  7. Blogspot.com
  8. Baidu.com
  9. Microsoft
  10. qq.com

With all this remarkable stats, there’s just one question that comes to my mind. Will Google Plus ever be able to make this far? I don’t think so! It looks like the newly launched social network Google Plus, is slogging behind, and probably having a slow death just like Orkut. Unless Google comes out with something really kickass and unique, I see the future of Google+ is not going to be that good.

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  • Alex Garcia

    I think I am going to start collecting all the comments that predict the demise of Google+ and send an email to all the authors when in 18 months Google+ is number 1. It took Facebook 2 years to show as a threat, why do you want Google+ to take over in 2 months?

    • I’m not expecting Google+ to take over Facebook in such short period of time. My point is that, despite the rapid growth of Google+ with more than 25 million users registered in just few weeks, how many users do you think are actively using Google+? It’s negligent.

      However, I’m not saying that all 750 million users on Facebook are active. Anyways, time alone can tell us the future of Google+. It may take over Facebook (I seriously doubt that) or it could be the next Orkut, but I personally feel that it’s going to RIP!

      You may perhaps want to read this article written by one of the authors here – http://wp.me/p4tVd-f3U