Facebook Has A 420 Character Status Update Limit Too

Not sure if you have ever hit this before, but just like has a 140 character limit on updates, has a limit of 420 characters for status update.

Facebook 420 Character Limit

While I was busy updating my status on Facebook, I hit the error above. It says:

Status Too Long

Your status update is too long. The maximum status length is 420 characters, but it is 433 characters long.

I am not sure for how long this has been the case, and it must have been since the Facebook was first launched, but this is definitely the first time that I have seen Facebook limiting me from posting updates, but yea I have never tried to post such a long update on Facebook too.

For those interested, I was trying to add a status update to tell Facebook and my friends about a feature request I wanted in Facebook :-).

22 thoughts on “Facebook Has A 420 Character Status Update Limit Too”

    1. To get around this problem, I go to the application setting of my facebook account, select the (notes section) and type and publish my long notes automatically to my status update page.

      Pretty cool! You can also include photos or attachments with this application…

  1. This wasn't the case a year or so ago. I used update my status and put a lot more than 420 character in there! Its a load of crap if i'm honest! Its My facebook! So let me have my long statuses!

  2. I just signed in to a new facebook profile and entered a couple of "status updates" well over 420 characters. Then I wanted to add another rather long status update, which worked fine too. But I needed to make some changes to I deleted it (why is there no 'edit'-option in facebook?!) and made a new status update. Suddenly I *did* get the message that my status update was too long (over 420).

    What's going on? First I could, and then I couldn't enter over 420 characters..?!

    1. @Facebookquestion – Sometimes Facebook does allow you to type more than 420 characters, but when you try to post it they will show you the message that the update is larger than 420 characters.

      I was unable to reproduce your problem but will continue trying to see if i can reproduce it.

  3. The status has a 420 character limit. The comment has an 8000 character limit! So, Follow. Type a title, like "My Long Expression", in status. (Titles are good for dissertations anyway.) Then paste the content of your status in its comment. I know this is not the be all and end all of the issue. Tell us a…bout additional nuances. And be as verbose as you like, 8000 characters is close to three typed unspaced letter-sized pages.

    1. Thank you! A very clever and thoughtful work around. i wanted to share a poem sent to me via email that was rather lengthy… and voila – you’re tip worked!

  4. i developed a fan page for my business on facebook and facebook now links you to twitter and automatically updates the status. A one stop shop kind of thing, which is less work for me and thats great. However the problem is that the facebook stats are longer then twitter allows (as mentioned above) so what can I do?

  5. Hi Keith,

    I am using facebook since a long time and added marketplace application with some classified. I am not getting some favourable responses from the visitors.

    Will you please help me – How I can get more traffic with the help of facebook?

    Smike Robert

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