Why Facebook Groups is a Powerful Tool for Teachers

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Currently, I’m a senior in high school and this year my Math teacher has started using Facebook Groups to collaborate with students. After making some observations, I’ve come to this conclusion Facebook Groups is a powerful tool for teachers. Here’s why.

1.   Facebook Groups bring the classroom experience online

Picture this: A student walks into class, pays attention to the lecture, but for some reason the students forgets everything about the lecture once the student comes home. Once home, he starts to panic while trying to figure what the lecture was about, but nobody is available to help him.

Moral of the story: Asking a question regarding homework or the lecture outside of class has always been difficult and causes panic among the student. Either people are not available to answer your question or the teacher is not able to check their email on time.

Thanks to Facebook Groups this problem is solved. When someone posts a question in the designated Facebook Group, the teacher and students in the group are notified all at once.

Since majority of teenagers are constantly online on Facebook, receiving an answer is guaranteed. No more Oh crap! I forgot what we learned in class moments.

For example, a few days ago, I posted in our math class group a question regarding why my calculator’s software wasn’t working, and BAM! Within 5 minutes, I got an answer from someone who had experienced the same problem!

Facebook Groups allow students to have the classroom like experience, but online.

2. Collaborating among students and the teacher made easy  

It’s no longer a hassle for students to figure out if their classmates have the same teacher with them if they aren’t in the same class period. Before Facebook Groups, each student had to constantly ask other students which teacher they have. Thanks to Facebook Groups, this is no longer the case.

Since the teacher controls who can join the Facebook Group, the students sharing the same teacher are only invited. This makes collaborating among students and the teacher easy!

It is no longer a hassle to find students who have the same teachers as you.  Instead, that search time is now used productively by receiving help from others.  Also, it is possible to receive help from the teacher beyond school hours.

3. Simple to use

Facebook Groups is an easy to use tool, making it easy for the non-tech savvy people to use too. Usually, collaboration tools like this are very expensive, but Facebook offers this for free. All a student has to do is type some text and click the post button. That’s it!

Facebook makes it affordable and easy to use for everyone.


Over the past few weeks, I have noticed that students have found the group to be very useful and wished every teacher used Facebook Groups to collaborate with their students.

My teacher has constantly been able to collaborate with his students, leading me to believe that Facebook Groups is indeed a powerful tool for teachers. I hope to see the use of Facebook Groups popularize among teachers in the near future.


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