Facebook Friendship Pages Brings Friends Conversation In The Open

Have you ever been curious on what conversation two people have in private life? Well, you for definitely cannot know that, but starting today you will know what they have been talking about in public, which events they have been attending, which photos they are in together and so on, albeit only if they are on .

Facebook Friendship Pages

Facebook launched a new feature today called Friendship Pages, which basically contain public wall posts and comments between two friends, photos in which they were tagged in together, events they RSVP’d to and more.

Only users who are friends of both the people will be able to view the historical data and exchanges between two users. That is, you’ll be able to see a friendship page if you are friends with one of the people and have permission to view both people’s profiles.

You will find a friendship page from links under relevant Wall posts, under relationship stories and under the main photo on a friend’s profile page, though I don’t see any yet.

Now here’s the catch. On a day to day basis you might see several people commenting on each other’s post and being tagged in a photo. However, no one really cares about the historical data and won’t browse hundreds of pages to figure out what you have been discussing and doing. With Facebook’s Friendship pages, all this historical data will be available in one page.

Of course since this data is public you might argue that it is possibly right for Facebook to display it however they want to. Right? A simple option like "Don’t allow me to be paired in Friendship pages" should do the job.

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