Facebook Now Displays Friend Tagging Suggestions Without @

For quite sometime, has borrowed several features from . One of them has been the @ referral to a friend in a post or in a comment. The name suggestion feature allowed users to tag friends in their updates or in a comment.


However, it looks like Facebook is now doing away with the @ mentality by showing friend name suggestions while you type. For example, you can now refer to a friend by simply typing their name without the @ sign as seen in the screenshot below.

Facebook Name Suggestions Without @

The new change might be user centric and not available to all users. However, it does add a simple way to refer to friends on Facebook without having to go through that extra step (read adding @).

This though could also be annoying for users because Facebook brings the suggestion up when you type 2-4 characters and if it is part of the name of your friend. However, it disappears as you type further.

Are you seeing this new name suggestions in Facebook? Do you think it is good or bad? Do let me know through your comments.

Update: According to @jatinsapra – Tagging Suggestion without "@" appears when u type first character in Upper case & then when you are done typing first name.

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  • Really nice addition. One character & one millisecond saved per user per tag will save million in a day :P

  • For me, it appears well before you are done typing the first name (does not mean I am slow at typing :P), and yea. It is case sensitive.

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  • William

    Although seems a good diea there is a problem. If you want to put a name that is not one of your friends it gets in the way and keeps trying to autocomplete it. Also if the name is the last thing you want to write and it is not one of your friends then you cannot enter the comment because Enter key submits the comment but it is also the same command to autocomplete and tag the name. Argh!!! They need to fix that…

  • about time this happened,all of us were wondering when this twitter type typo would make comments easier for us