Facebook Gains Control of Fb.com: More Proof of the Impending Launch of Facebook Mail

Yesterday we reported that Facebook might be preparing to unleash its own Gmail killer. Developed under the codename Project Titan, Facebook’s super-secret project is expected to see the light of day on Monday.

According to rumors, all Facebook users will be offered @facebook.com email addresses. This raises the question, how will Facebook differentiate between employees and users? DomainNameWire’s revelation that Facebook has seized control of the fb.com domain name offers a possible answer. Facebook acquired the domain name in September and began using its nameservers yesterday. It’s extremely likely that Facebook will be offering employees @fb.com email addresses.

Even more interestingly, mail.facebook.com (as well as mail.thefacebook.com) is redirecting to an Outlook web app login page. However, this doesn’t mean that the new Facebook email service will be using OWA as its front-end. A more likely scenario is that Facebook is just using Microsoft Exchange to handle employee email accounts.

3 thoughts on “Facebook Gains Control of Fb.com: More Proof of the Impending Launch of Facebook Mail”

  1. OWA is used to connect to an Exchange server. It’s impossible to build an “email service” “on top of Outlook”. Outlook’s an e-mail client, not a server

  2. Looks like Google’s getting some stiff competition now, with the launch of the new social browser RockMelt that’s bound to make Google Instant Preview redundant and now Facebook’s email services!

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