"Are You Sure You Know That Person?" Facebook Friend Requests Spam Protection

For a long period of time has been allowing users to send friend requests to anyone and everyone. However, it looks like they are now changing the way people send out friend requests, which might be something similar to what LinkedIn does.

Facebook Are You Sure Friendship Request

As you can see in the image above, Facebook is now asking users whether or not they know the person they are sending a request to. The entire message reads:

Are you sure you know person name?

If you send a request to a stranger, it will be considered spam and your friend request will be blocked temporarily. Please only send this request if you know person name.

I am not really sure how Facebook is going to determine whether or not the person you are sending a request to is a stranger or not, but they do have an option in place right now where they allow users to specify if they know a person or not. Also a lot of people end up sending requests to people they might not personally know but have been following their blog or website, so would these requests be considered as spam too?

Are you seeing these kind of messages while sending out friend requests to users? Do let me know through your comments.

(Image via Zach, h/t @Scobleizer)

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  • Ray

    This is the dumbest thing I have seen yet, Facebook will tell you in a little window for friend suggestions ” People you May Know” and show you mutual friends!!! and say “add as friend” but when you do! they block you WTF is that all about if they do not want you to Add people you dont know then “DONT SUGGEST IT” (Zuckermann are you listening!!!)

    • Joe

      I hope someone hears this I have thinking the same thing myself thank you !!!

      • But how can you enable that kind of privacy?

    • Fuck dis … “Are You Sure You Know That Person?” Facebook Friend Requests Spam Protection

    • sid

      yeh it happen quit often

  • Yes, I’m seeing exactly the same on my Account – is this now the norm for everyone?

  • Joe

    I have just got this message for the first time. What’s interesting is that it happened when adding a friend of a friend who has just begun to make it in the top ten for the UK album chart.

    It’s weird though because we have 12 friends in common. When I add complete strangers with no friends in common it doesn’t happen. Also If I search for a celeb like Natalie Portman It only happens for one of the fake accounts which makes you wonder if it is a real one. I doubt it but the fact that I have 12 friends in common with this chap and it still happens seems a little bit like special treatment for the celeb VIP’s to me.

  • rose

    yes, and i was wondering how to turn it on kinda because i’ve been getting a lot of friend request from people i don’t know.

    • Josh

      I’d love to know how to turn it on and off Let me know if you figure it out…

    • kristine

      me too..i’ve been getting tons of frnd requests.i dont even know them..id love to know how to turn this on..just to scare them off..:))

      • stacey

        how can i enable this?


    • Anonymous

      For all you people requesting to have it turned ON, it’s probably that you’re one of the attractive people who tends to well… ATTRACT. You might try NOT posting a picture of your face and most assuredly not in a bikini or something, ya know? That is, if you’re not wanting people to friend you. Use your brains, retards.

  • Rather Not Say

    I found out a certain celeb’s facebook account, she doesn’t use her real name it’s a fake name. When I went to add her, I got this message. So maybe theres a way celebs can register for this service?

  • Susi

    i noticed this as well BUT, it´s not about celebs i think. because what´s weird is: i was trying to add a person, but with two different accounts on one i also got this message on the other one i didnt. and both accounts have mutual friend with this person.
    then, the message came up on the other account as well and later was back to normal again.
    i wonder why that is that way because this way you are no longer sure if you should try to send a request or not, even though you are clearly not up for spam.
    i wish facebook woudl be back to that very old self. all those new layouts, changes etc etc are only annoying.

  • bobby

    i tried adding a “Facebook staff” and it came up with that msg. i did the same to other random people and it didn’t.
    “facebook Staff” are cooler, huh?

    • alukic

      i think it has to do with the other person blocking you.that msg came up only to people i think that are hiding hiding from or ashamed of themselves.

  • Elena

    I also want “If you send a request to a stranger, it will be considered spam and your friend request will be blocked temporarily. Please only send this request if you know this user.” thing when someone wants to add me but I don’t know how?

  • Toby Moss

    I have just begun to be an active FB user and have made a number of Friend Requests. Only the last few requests have had this “Are you sure you know this person” language, which I admit to find insulting. Why in the world would I be wasting my time with people I don’t know? I also find the threat of being cut off from making such requests offensive. I don’t even approach friends of friends — only people with whom I have or have had meaningful relationship.

  • I have seen this occur, and ONLY with celebrities. From piano-playing comics of a small scope (3-4k friends) to mainstream actors (4-5k friends). I’m not sure how it works, but my guess is if a person often denies friend requests, it automatically triggers this ordeal on that account to prevent them from having even more friend requests?

    I only tried on two attempts. Both were for famous people I had 2 friends in common. Guess I’m just stuck as a fan! =P

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  • Renee

    I began a group on Facebook called I ♥ HOUSE ♫. The group is a community where House music lovers, DJ’s & Producers can post their podcasts, send event information & discuss the House music genre openly. Since I started the group I’ve been networking to build members via existing friendships I already have. I also have sent some Friend Request from the Suggestions box on the right side of the screen.

    Last night I received the message you have listed above and was advised that I would be unable to send Private Messages & Friend Request to strangers for 2 days. My first thought was…How could they do this when most of these people were suggestions from other friends I currently have? Also, how are they able to actually determine if these people are strangers or not? I mean, couldn’t I have met these people somewhere and actually connected, it’s not that far fetched!

    Nevertheless, this is what they have done to my page. I have sent them a very nasty message because the entire purpose of Facebook is to network which is why they pride themselves on being branded “the social network”. However, now they want to limit how much networking you actually do! How convenient and controlling!

  • rishal343545687987988080

    i am blocked from sending messages even if i am not sending a message to a stranger!!!!!!! :D

  • makeupurmind

    Yep — I have been getting the same thing. It drives me nuts to be told I am doing something offensive. How may I ask is sending friend request ONCE to each person I try to be offensive? I am not messaging them 50 times. I am sending 1 friend request to several people that are in a club I belong to. (even going as far as putting “club name” in subject so they know why I want to add them).
    Fix it! LOL!

  • and fuck you Zuckermann

  • Condoms

    How to make it? can ANYbody shoe me?

  • amba2

    i too have been offended by this. i got this while adding a classmate which happens to be an actress and mildly popular (1000+ friends). these are the kind of things which make me want to use facebook less and less.

  • lee

    Today I got a message saying to prevent misuse the request will not be sent, wtf it was a co worker that I was on the phone with and he was waiting for the request to come thru, he said he never block me or anything, so how the Hell fb is not even going to allow me to even send it??

  • krithika naniah

    dis is bullshit… its already hapned to me… not able to send req or send mess to ani 1… im just not able to do ani thin from 2 dayz.. dis is not gud.. plz do somthin…


    i am not a celeb but i would like a screening facility to speak with the person or instant text for a bit PRIOR to having to add then block the person , which is harsh enough, but the person or celeb can see that you don’t mean harm or to upset them or any one else in the same way


  • Jamie

    Change the TOS Language then PhucherBerg!….None of THIS was listed in The Community Service part of FaceBook and no-one was warned about it before it started happening. I was blocked with “friend requests” for 14 days for accepting multiple requests! And My messaging was BLOCKED as well for what they’re calling “Strangers” Strangers seem to be people they say you “don’t know” REALLY? How do they KNOW that? Cause they’re not on my FRIENDS LIST? SMDH 3 X!

  • please rlease my account am not able to send any request to my friends.

  • I’ve have had friends that have tried to friend me. I would appreciate it if you would allow me to make my own decisions. I know how to delete if necessary. Also I keep my site locked, except for my friends. Thank you for thinking of my safety.

  • I am relatively new to fb so I noticed I was subcribed to several people. Must have clicked them somehow. So I decided to ask them if they wanted to meet new friends. I send a message first though and ask and then add friend.