Discover New Facebook Fan Pages With the Official Page Browser

Want to discover new Facebook fan pages? Facebook has officially released a “Page Browser” which allows you to search for new Facebook fan pages and “Like” them.

Just go to and you will see a list of fan pages divided in several categories. The fan pages are distributed among celebrities, sports, games, politics, media, TV programmes, musicians and brands. Here is how the page browser looks:

Discover New facebook Fan pages

Hovering over a fan page will allow you to “Like” it, you can also click through the text link to visit the fan page and take a look.

The page browser will certainly help those who are always in the look out for interesting fan pages but are unable to find them from the default Facebook search box.   There is a right sidebar on the Facebook fan page browser, which shows a list of friends who have also “liked” the fan pages you are currently browsing.

The official Facebook blog says in a blog post that the team wants to create a fun way to browse movies, TV shows and musicians. The Fan page browser will allow people to easily express shared interests and keep themselves updated about those interests.

The fan page suggestions will of course vary for different Facebook profiles, you can also click through the small dropdown on the right corner of the page and choose a different country to see how the Fan page suggestions change.

One question to the Facebook team – how are users going to know about the page browser? There is neither a link on my profile nor on any of the fan pages which I have liked so far.

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