Facebook Enables Comment Editing Feature; Keeps Original Comments in “Edit History”

Facebook is releasing yet another essential feature that many users have craved for all these years – Editing comments. The new “Edit” feature that Facebook is releasing enables users to edit their comments, giving them complete flexibility to rewrite and correct their wrongs in their comments. This eliminates the burden of deleting and rewriting the comments all over again.

Additionally, when you edit a comment, Facebook will keep a copy of the original comment in the edit history, which will be visible to all users. This edit history will contain all the previous versions of your comment. According to Facebook, this is done to ensure “subsequent commenters or likers have the full context of the conversation.”

Facebook is rolling out the feature now and will be made available to all its in a couple of days. Perhaps, you would have already got the feature by now. Go to your Timeline and browse through any of the comments that you have previously added. On the top-right corner, you will see an icon, and clicking it will provide you with two options – Edit, and Delete.

Clicking the edit button will switch the comment in edit mode, and you can continue editing the comment. However, you can simply cancel any edits by pressing the escape button on your keyboard.

Edit Facebook Comments

Facebook displays the following message after you have edited a comment:

Facebook Edit Comments Tip

All this sounds well and good, however, the feature is currently available on the browser version of Facebook. We are not sure if this will also be available in the mobile versions. Additionally, it is not known whether this feature will be available on Facebook’s social commenting plug-in that websites use as their comment box.

Facebook has been releasing a lot of new features, including some updates to its existing features. Here are some of the recently added features and updates that Facebook announced:

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