Facebook Drops Unsubscribe Option For Likes and Comments Notifications

A couple of months ago, had rolled out a new feature to unsubscribe from notifications received when you commented or liked a certain post. However, it looks like they have dropped the feature now.

Facebook Removes Unsubscribe From Notifications

As of today, users no longer see the unsubscribe option when they like or comment on someone’s post. Removing the notification unsubscription option from Facebook is definitely a bad move and would probably anger few users who have come to like this feature.

So why did Facebook get rid of a feature that would help users comment and like more things on Facebook? Possibly because it was decreasing the pageviews they got because of less notifications being sent out. However, as a user I would definitely want to see the feature brought back. What do you think? Will you miss the notification unsubscription feature or can you live without it?

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  • Matthew

    It’s definitely missed, and the vacuum left by it is quite angering.

  • Alisa

    I need it back asap. Can’t live.

  • Andrea Salazar

    It makes me not want to like or comment on a bunch of things because I hate getting more notifications when the people resonding or liking it have little relevence of me getting notified sometimes.

  • katie

    UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. How lame to go back on that. Very lame. And it makes FB look a little desperate.

  • Dee

    OMG…bring this feature back! It’s driving me insane when 50 million people (exaggeration) post on something after I simply throw a “like” on the status. Why, FB? Goodness…

  • bastiaan schuiling

    want it back bad!

  • veryangryguy

    this is why i hate facebook……they implement bullshit and remove the good things that they should…..soon facebook will also become like myspace and orkut…huh :/