Facebook "DNS Failure" Outage Takes Over Google Search Trends

If you thought that "DNS Failure" outage earlier today only affected Facebook, take a look again. 15 of the top 16 top Google search trends in USA today include Facebook not being accessible to users.

Facebook DNS Failure Google Search Trends

As you can see from the screenshot above, "DNS Failure" which was shown as an error message when people visited Facebook was the most searched term today, followed by 14 others which were either related to the Facebook outage or to Facebook in general.

It is understandable when one or two terms end up as "Hot searches", however, having almost 16 out of 20 shows how important Facebook has become in people’s lives. I saw the same trends in several other countries where Facebook went down during non-earthly hours.

Social networking is definitely good, but it has become a part of lives that we could not do without it for a few hours. Several users took to when Facebook went down, and Facebook also used their official Twitter account to update users about the outage. Similarly, people take to Facebook when Twitter goes down.

Someone on my timeline also joked, what if Facebook and Twitter goes down at once? That would definitely not be a joke in reality, since it would definitely void a huge part of our lives, isn’t it?

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