Facebook Cited as Evidence in One-Third of Divorce Cases in the UK

Facebook A new report from the UK based Divorce-Online.com blames Facebook for one-third of divorces in the country. A similar study conducted in 2009 had pegged Facebook’s involvement in divorces at 20%.

The increasing impact of Facebook on people’s personal lives is hardly surprising, given that users around the globe are becoming more and more habituated to sharing stuff about their lives that they wouldn’t otherwise shout out in public.

“People contact ex-partners and the messages start as innocent, but lead to trouble”, explained Mark Keenan, managing director of Divorce-Online. “If someone wants to have an affair or flirt with the opposite sex then it’s the easiest place to do it”.

Marriages often fall apart when spouses discover secrets about their partner on Facebook. Anne-Marie Hutchinson, at Dawson Cornwell Solicitors, said, “If you are keeping things from your partner, Facebook makes it so much easier for them to find out.”

The top three reasons for including Facebook as evidence in divorce cases are:

  • Inappropriate messages to members of the opposite sex.
  • Separated spouses posting nasty comments about each other.
  • Facebook friends reporting spouse’s behaviour.

By comparison, Twitter appeared only in 20% of cases, and when it appeared it was mostly because Twitter was used to make inappropriate comments about exes.

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