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has over 300 million users and 30000+ servers. However, Facebook does not restrict users to the web browser. You can easily chat with your Facebook friends on the desktop, upload photos to Facebook from the desktop, access Facebook from Gmail, take a break from work and access Facebook from Outlook among other things.

But what about notifications and alerts? Turns out there is a desktop app for that. The Facebook Notifications application, will notify you whenever there is a new notification for your profile. This includes, new friend requests, pokes, event invites, group invites and unread messages.

facebook_transperant_notification facebook_desktop_notifications

The app also adds a transparent notification window on the desktop, and shows you a system tray notification, whenever you have new updates in your account.

facebook_notifications facebook_notifications_settings

You can also update your Facebook status using the application. By default the application is set to refresh every 30 seconds, you can change the refresh rate by visiting the settings window of the application.

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Techie Buzz Verdict

Ironically, the Facebook Notifications application does not notify you about actual notifications in Facebook, which is shown to you in the right hand bottom corner in your profile, whenever someone comments or likes your posts.

This is a definite dampener. In addition to that, it would be good if the developer adds a dropdown to choose the refresh rate for the app. I mean, why would you want to use a calculator to find out how many seconds are there in 2 hours and 33 minutes, if you want to use it as a refresh rate?

The application does provide you with a quick way to visit your profile and compose messages to your Facebook friends. Install the app if you are a heavy Facebook user, who wants to instantly reply back to events or approve new friend requests.

Techie Buzz Rating: 2/5

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