Facebook Crosses 300 Million Users

has just crossed another milestone by breaking a record of having 300 million active users visit their site, 50 million of which were added in the last 75 days at a rate of 67K users per day.


According to InsideFacebook, Facebook’s global audience has doubled since the beginning of this year. They actually added 150 million new users since January.

300 million is definitely a huge user base and can convert into huge revenues for Facebook, who, unlike are already making money from the social networking site.

It will be good to see how the social networking rat race between Facebook and Twitter turns out to be, considering that twitter is simplicity at its best but does have a lot of noise in the form of spam.

On the other hand Facebook is slowly copying some more features from twitter and making them their own. It is not the first time they have done this and not the only social networking feature they have copied. The like and comment feature was shamelessly borrowed from Friendfeed which Facebook acquired recently.

As for me I generally visit Facebook less than 5 times a day to check on new updates, whereas I do visit twitter several times a day due to more frequent updates (and less stupid quizzes and mafia wars). What about you?

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