Facebook Launches New Comments Platform

Facebook has just unveiled its completely revamped Comments platform for blogs and other websites, in a move that will put it in direct competition with the likes of Disqus and IntenseDebate. You can go ahead and grab the script from the Facebook dev section.

Although there are quite a few 3rd-party comment management systems, Facebook has a few significant advantages. As you might guess, Facebook’s biggest advantage is its massive existing user base. The Facebook plugin features a unique two-way integration, which will encourage more comments while reducing spam. All comments published through the Facebook Comments Box will display the real name of the commenter. Furthermore, the comment will also be posted on the commenter’s profile, unless he manually chooses not to share his comment. These two factors should help in reducing the quantity of trolls by removing the veil of anonymity. Additionally, if you post a comment and your friend responds to that comment on Facebook, your friend’s response will also be visible on the 3rd-party website. Once again, this should make the webmasters happy by increasing user participation.


Some of the other handy features include automatic sorting of comments based on the number of likes, and crowd sourced spam moderation. There is also the possibility of integrating 3rd-party login providers. Currently, the only big name that Facebook has managed to get onboard is Yahoo. TechCrunch believes that Facebook also wanted to tie-up with Google and Twitter, but the deal fell through due to existing animosity among the involved parties.


On the whole, Facebook Comments Box is a compelling offering. The lack of anonymity might put off some commenters and also make it unsuitable for certain websites. However, a lot of webmasters, and a lot of users are going to love the social features offered by Facebook Comments. Right now, if I were Disqus, I would be scared shitless.

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