Facebook Now Supports @ Tagging in Comments

has been supporting like @ tagging while writing new updates or wall posts. This helped users to mention their friend in their updates. However, annoyingly this feature was missing in their commenting system.

Facebook Comment Tagging

So if you wanted to reply to a specific person, you could not tag them. Instead, you would have to use @name to ensure that your comment was directed to the right person.

Tag People in Comments

A little while earlier, I was trying to explain @ tagging to someone when I saw that the @ tagging actually works in comments too. This is definitely good news, because users will not be able to directly mention people in their comments.


Comment tagging works similarly to how the regular tagging works. You just have to type an @ followed by the person’s name or handle and a drop-down will be displayed to you. You can then choose which person or page you want to tag in the comment. When you have tagged someone in a comment they will receive a notification saying so.

Do you like the tagging feature in Facebook? Do you think that allowing people tagging in comments would be helpful? Do feel free to tell me about your thoughts.

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