Facebook Clickjacking Scam Affecting Users

As if the Facebook outage today was not enough, is also under attack from several clickjacking scams. The new Clickjacking scam is quickly spreading where users see updates from friends which contain some enticing text with a link.

Facebook Scam Freinds Update

Clicking on the link take the user to a legitimate Fan page where they are then asked to complete a security check, which is of course bogus. After a few clicks, a button is displayed, clicking on which takes the user to another site which is a scam website.

Facebook Girlfriend Scam

The scam which is spreading with the terms "Five things every girl does before she meets her boyfriend – LOL" among others is enticing to click on, however, stay away from it. The scam will redirect you to a website which will then ask you to take a survey along with posting updates to your Facebook account.

The scam will also automatically make you a fan of their page. From the looks of it, over 86000 people have already been scammed and this number continues to grow at a very healthy rate (2000 in about 5-7 minutes).

On a side note, was also affected today with a bout of IQ Test DM Spam.

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  • Peter

    I got suckered into this, is there a way I can remove it, it’s on my ‘like’ list as well. cheers for any help.

    • @Peter – Yes just delete the status updates and unlike the page and you should be fine. If any other users click those links in you status update they will be affected too.

      • John

        There is no unlike button on the fan page for it.. just “click” to continue. Any other way to remove it?

      • Juan

        I also got suckered into this.. As you said, I removed the status update, but how can I unlike the page?? When I click on the page it takes me to another website and I’m not able to unlike it!

        • Rudraksh Shrivastava

          Hi juan

          many people are being hit by this malicious spam.It can even expose your private information to the hackers..and create loops to enter into your machine here is how you can remove it-
          If you are trying to Unlike one of our pages and are having trouble, please do the following on Facebook:

          – Go to Edit Profile

          – Select Interests and Likes on the left side

          – Click “see all” under Activities

          – Find the page you want to remove and click it once

          – To the right, you will see a “remove” option. Click remove.

          – Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.
          stay alert in future failure to do this may result in your account being hijacked by the spammer or u can also be exposed to a phishing site; it’s as easy as this.

          • FBUser

            Thank you Rudraksha! This the only place I found a way out of it! Thanks again!

          • Peter

            Great tip. Worked. Thanks!

          • david M

            Thanks. Great tip. Only for some reason I don’t see “see all” under Activities, but “show other pages” under all the options. Worked nonetheless.

          • RV

            I <3 U, lol

      • b0nz0

        there’s no unlike button for that page

  • Judy

    I can’t seem to “unlike” this page. It’s listed under my “likes” but there is no unlike option there. If I click on the page it redirects me to that other website. Any ideas?

  • At Koowie.com, you don’t have the silly “like” button but have the nod, shake and shrug button which are more contextual to your status.