Free CityVille Coins and Cash Facebook Scam

Here we go again. A new Facebook scam is currently underway where users are clicking on links which promises to give them 4000000 coins and 400 cash from a website. The scam is spread through a message posted on the wall saying "OMG !! I CANT BELIVED IT WORKED !! IVE JUST GOT 4000000 COINS AND 400 1CASH FROM THIS WEBSITE CHECK IT OUT NOW – DONT MISS OUT -[redacted link]"

CityVille Zynga

Clicking on the link redirects you to a website which asks you to share the page twice and link the page twice and then post a message 10 times on CityVille related pages or CityVille related websites.

CityVille Coins Scam Facebook

I used my test account to perform the things told by the website and don’t be surprised when I say that it didn’t work at all. This thing also has scam written all over it, so please avoid it. Also, this website is created using a free website creator.

CityVille is the most popular game on created by Zynga, and there are bound to be people who take advantage of users run out of coins to play the games. Most of the Zynga games (and other games on Facebook) allow you a certain amount of coins/credits each day. Once you run out of them you can either purchase more coins/credits using actual money or undertake a survey to earn them for free.

Since people are so eager to get coins/credits to start playing again without spending money, such scams are highly successful. They don’t give you anything but fool you nevertheless.

9 thoughts on “Free CityVille Coins and Cash Facebook Scam”

  1. Not just that it is a scam.. the redirected link might be a fake facebook login page which may phish ur login info and password..
    just beaware what might happen behind the link that u clicked.. never know that it might be just a Trojan that might over takes ur pC

  2. yeah. it’s never working, it’s some kind of scam – whether a fishing virus or some other thing you don’t want to have on your computer.
    I used to buy Facebook coins with paysafecards back when I was addicted to Farmville. Now I’m more interested in MMORPGs like League of Legends and AION. They are free-to-play but sometimes I use the same paysafecards to upgrade my characters.
    Anyways, do not believe in free money. Especially on Facebook.

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