Facebook Bra Color Status Updates “Trend”

For the baffled man and the not-in-the-know woman: If you logged into Facebook today, you might have seen a few (or all) of your female friends post a color as their status update with no explanation at all, while their female friends knowingly added comments and liked it. If you have not Googled it yet, it is as the title suggests their, er, bra color. Viral marketing meme? Not entirely this is to spread awareness about breast cancer. This is the first time such an effort is being taken by the common woman to spread the awareness about this type of cancer. However it happened only on Facebook.

As mysterious as any other internet meme, the bra color status update has become quite the phenomenon, especially when the women in question mysteriously smiled the Mona Lisa smile and kept quite quiet about it. For those of us who actually took the time to look up this phenomenon, it did the work of spreading an important but relatively unknown variety of cancer. Throughout the world, breast cancer is responsible for 10.4% of cancer incidence in women and is thus the second most common type of cancer (the first being lung cancer). This type of cancer is responsible for 1% of all female deaths in the entire world!

So the next time you see your female friend update their status update with a mysterious color, suppress those dirty thoughts and focus on the issue at hand! [A winking smiley should have come here, but I refrained because this is a serious, technology-centric blog ;) ]

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