Facebook Apps Developers Can Now Call You Or Snail Mail You Too

Be ready to get more marketing calls and marketing mails in your mailbox soon. has updated their platform to allow App developers access to your Phone Number and Current Address.

Facebook Phone Number and Address Permissions

This new announcement was made on the Facebook Developer Blog (source) where they said that new updates to the User Graph object will now allow app developers access to user’s phone number and current address.

Why this information is being made public is not yet known, but it could definitely be used to pass on your data to advertising companies who will then start calling or sending your postal mails. This information is highly paid for in the market since it allows companies to send personalized flyers to your mailbox.

Though Facebook policies state that an app can only access information which is critical to running an app, you can never trust putting such information in the hands of other people. Nevertheless, there might be apps which genuinely require this information too. To be on the safe side make sure to check what permissions an app is requesting from your account before you click the Allow button.

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