Facebook Apologies for Mistakenly Blocking Accounts of Environmental Activists

Avoiding spam messages on Facebook isn’t an easy task. Even Facebook’s anti-spam system finds it difficult to identify and remove scams from its network. Recently, Facebook’s anti-spam computer algorithm mistakenly deleted numerous animal  rescuers/animal lovers and groups, which had been accused of posting spam and “irrelevant” content.

Many animal rescue organizations and environmental activists, who depend on Facebook to organize events and rescue animals, were accused of posting spam messages. Hence the automated system that identified the content as “spam”, notified the group members and other activists that they have been banned for 15 days from posting anything at all.

The reason for banning users was unknown, whether Facebook was really targeting animal rescuers, or was it the automatic system that erroneously marked it as spam. Members of the affected groups and activists arose and contacted the Facebook team to revoke the ban.

Animal Rescue

The affected members also created a Facebook page stating – Dont suspend our Animal Rescue Accountwhich is liked by more than 11,500 “likes”. An event that was created by the same members stated – Facebook abide by the Terms Of Service and undo the 15 day suspensionsgot over 1000+ attendees.

The members notified Facebook officials by sending e-mails to [email protected] and [email protected]

Here’s an email sent by one of the activists –

I am writing because numerous animal rescue / animal lovers and groups such as myself have been accused erroneously by facebook for posting spam and irrelevantcontent and disabled for 15 days…

We have been posting and cross posting about animals that need rescuing from shelters and owners… trying to find new homes for these animals.   This Is NOT SPAM NOR IRRELEVANT!!!!     These postings have helped unite pets with owners and obtained NEW homes for pets and SAVED ANIMALS LIVES!!!

l. I am NOT posting spam

2. Certainly NOT posting irrelevant content

In a quick response to these letters, Facebook sent notes of apology and lifted the ban from the blocked environmental activists and other people from posting messages. Facebook claimed that the instance was done by mistake, and had no intention to disable accounts or removing contents of the social network.

Here is the response sent by Facebook

“Your account was mistakenly blocked from posting on Pages. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. We’ve lifted the block from your account, and you should now be able to post again.”

Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes said in a statement to The Associated Press – “Facebook is not – and has never been – in the business of disabling accounts or removing content simply because people are discussing controversial topics. On the contrary, we want Facebook to be a place where people can openly express their views and opinions, even if others don’t agree with them.”

However, Facebook did not provide an in depth detail on why these groups were disabled, since they thought spammers would find ways around the anti-spam software.

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  • Apologize in 2011 and then do it all over again?..Enough FB..! , SHAME ON YOU for defending cruelty in this world .

  • No BS

    Some animal rights and environmental activists are being blocked for 60 days….. not 15.
    And FB neither sent them apologys nor did it lift the ban….. so what BS is this? Michael Moore says he personally recieved apologys and a promiss that he is not going to be blocked or censored no more…… So is this show just about a few celebrities?

  • Linda Anderson

    Well, FB, if what you said is true, why are so many of my FB friends STILL blocked?!! Countless animals have now been affected and their lives probably lost because of your actions. Shame on you…there is no reason you can’t fix you spam so that it doesn’t affect the people who give over a good share of their lives to save these animals. Why aren’t you removing the dog fighting sites mentioned in another post that are still on FB?! Those NEED to be removed!

  • Ginger Boehne

    2018 Still Constantly BLOCKED, NOTHING HAS CHANGED !!!!!! Liars