Facebook Announces Groups, Data Liberation And Application Control

Mark Zuckerberg announced two new features today that were pretty interesting. The first one was Groups, which would allow you to create groups from your friend list and then share photos and updates with them and the second was the ability to export your data from Facebook.

With the new Facebook Groups, users can create a list of people they want to share content with. For example Family, Blogging Friends, Football Group and so on. They can then selectively share data with only those groups instead of sharing them with everyone.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups, which can be accessed at http://www.facebook.com/groups/ will allow you to share content with selective people, perform a group chat and send and receive updates using a group email address like a mailing list. Thankfully, Facebook would avoid privacy issues this time as all communication within a group is private by default.

Another important change with Facebook is Data Liberation, which means that you can now easily download all your messages, wall posts, photos, status updates and profile information from Facebook and save it on your computer. However, there is no option to download your Friends list yet.

Facebook has also introduced a new Dashboard for Applications you use, making it easy to see what information the application you use have access to and change their settings. This is definitely a good move since most of the unwanted updates and clickjacking scams on Facebook happen through these apps.

Overall, Facebook did not announce anything that I was expecting yesterday, so we’ll have to wait for another time to see those announcements. You can read all the announcements made today at the Official Facebook Blog.

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