Facebook App Lets You Post Your Last Status Update From The Grave

Facebook App Lets You Post Your Last Status Update From The Grave

Facebook has an internal policy which “memorializes” the personal profiles of users who have died. The account of the deceased person is sealed from future login attempts and is not shown on search results and friend suggestion sections. If any of your friends or family members have recently died and you want to close his/her Facebook account permanently, head over to this form and complete your request.

Some savvy Facebook users are rather worried about the fact that they wont get their last chance to update their Facebook profile, when they are dead.

“Is there any way to authorize someone else to post on behalf of me and announce my death on Facebook?” The short answer is that as long as you don’t share your Facebook username and password with the person whom you want to post on behalf of you, there is no way you can execute this crazy idea. I agree the thought is grim but to some blind Facebook addicts, this is a concern. An important one.

An Israeli company named Wilook thought that if users have spent their entire life on Facebook, they have the right to post their last status update or publish a sweet video message to their friends and followers. The Facebook app “If I Die On Facebook” is the first and only Facebook application that lets “you” create a video or a text message that will only be published after you die. Super creepy!


The app lets you compose a text message as your “farewell speech” and then designate three of your friends as “Trustees”. When you are dead, these trustees will have to confirm your death and then your custom farewell messages will get posted on your profile. There aren’t any limitations on the number of messages you can create, so this is one good way to achieve a state of “social media immortality”.

Personally, I would just share my Facebook username and password with a close friend and request him to post a “farewell message” on behalf of me (of course when I am dead). But if you want your virtual friends to “Like” your death and comment upon it until eternity, you might want to use this app. Just make sure your “trustees” don’t have any grudges against you or this thing can misfire. The following video explains how the app works:

Sadly, you can’t “poke” someone from your grave. If I am forced to use this app, I would leave one short message – “You are next.”

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